There is nothing more exciting than that which comes of creation of new and innovative "WOW" solutions to old and ongoing problems.


Z*Tech has experience in leadership, risk management, project management, product design, product engineering, scientific analysis, system engineering, specifications, and product development, product testing, in a variety of industries.

Inquire with us to see what synergistic effects we can muster together to tackle your old problems with new and improved solutions. 

We have been working in the area of new product development and solving problems for years. Let us lend you a hand in identifying one of the next big things.



The above photographs document some of the more substantial product and system experiences we have participated in within the transportation, lighting, systems engineering, heavy equipment, and electronics packaging areas.

We have experience in the following areas to assist you - please inquire with Z*Tech on your specific desires, needs, timelines, and achievement goals that your interested in.

  •                 Ideation
  •                 Brainstorming
  •                 Product Line Assessment
  •                 Current and Future Technology Assessment
  •                 Product Line Expansion
  •                 System Engineering
  •                 Product Development Management
  •                 Risk Analysis
  •                 Risk Management
  •                 New Product Development
  •                 Product Specifications
  •                 Product Mechanical Design
  •                 Materials Selections
  •                 Design for Manufacturing
  •                 Engineering Drawings
  •                 Engineering Analysis
  •                 FMEA
  •                 Product Industrial Design
  •                 Product Documentation
  •                 Product Support Planning
  •                 Product Instructions
  •                 Product Testing
  •                 Product Validation
  •                 Product Quality
  •                 Consulting

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