It has been said that most disputes involve "UNREASONABLE" persons and that the "LEGAL" process takes too long.


Let the Z*Tech sound Engineering Analysis and reasonable Judgements help to facilitate the timely and equitable resolution of the matters at hand.  As a matter of fact - "the facts" - should not be in dispute.  Bringing out all the the facts in an unbiased fashion will help guide the resolution and overcome the inherent biases that can be the part of any dispute. There would be no need to complicate the matters with the typical opposing experts when one expert can utilize the facts - and then use them equally from either of the disputing parties perspective.

We would love the opportunity to use the Forensic Engineering skills and Experiences we have acquired for the purposes of Improving the Efficiency, Speed, and Fairness in the Resolution Process!

Let us recommend one of the following LITIGATION, PRE-LITIGATION, or DISPUTE RESOLUTION SERVICES to you:

SINGLE JOINT EXPERT - This service utilized in Europe, somewhat contrary to the adversarial relations that exist in our legal system, but would be a logical growth area with the evolution of Meditations for Resolution.  Lets simplify the matter and get started immediately to investigate and analyze on behalf of all the parties. Examples cases might include an accident reconstruction, a suspected construction defect, or a suspected product defect. It may just be as simple as looking at a few photographs and generation of opinions. It may be extensive and intrusive and involve significant testing and interviewing. This can include prerequisite questions that need to be answered by the involved parties. It could include comprehensive presentations to both parties.  It may require follow on work to answer challenge questions from either side, or some follow on work with new information to wrap it all up.

INCIPIENT PROBLEM DIAGNOSIS - let us help you get a handle on the identified problems sooner than later because problems almost never correct themselves and an immediate solutions can mitigate other problems. A early thorough diagnosis can best determine what the causes were and where the responsibilities lie. Early diagnosis always leads to better corrective options as opposed to remediation options.

IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE ACTION PLANNING - let us help you make the best possible things happen sooner than later and not stand around pointing fingers.

ENGINEER UMPIRE SERVICES - let us be the someone that assists in determining what is fair. The sooner we get here - the sooner the resolution can be obtained.

SHADOW ENGINEER / MEDIATION SUPPORT / CONSULTANT - let us act as your private and knowledgeable asset working directly for you in your case. Your best action may be to use Z*Tech to help you make your side of the case - and by assisting you in taking away the other experts thunder.

EXPERT WITNESS - let us testify on behalf of your client, to the extent that the facts or deductions we can opine can be useful.